Red Rock Elementary

Learning About Us

The surrounding area of Picacho and community of Red Rock began in 1881. It was in this area that the only Civil War battle fought in Arizona took place. A troop of Union California Volunteers came upon a troop of Texas Confederate soldiers on guard duty, at Picacho Pass. After exchanging fire, the Union troop withdrew, scoring a small battle victory for the Confederates.

Our community sits at 3,382 feet elevation, making us an arid low desert region. Our annual average temperatures range from a 52-degree low, to an 85-degree high. While our area only receives an average of less than 10 inches of rain annually, it is still resplendent with desert flora and fauna.

Today, Red Rock remains an unincorporated town. There are approximately 350 members living in our small-town community, and it is growing every day. We pride ourselves on our hometown feel, where neighbors can rely on each other, and children can live and play in safety. Our school reflects these attitudes also. We not only educate over 100 students, we know and value them as well.

Our District is currently experiencing a surge in growth due to the numbers of new families moving into our area. In response to this growth, we have just opened many new school buildings to our facilities. As each new phase of construction is completed, we will be able to utilize our new areas. While change is always difficult, our community of Red Rock continues to shine as an example of support and understanding; another reason the town of Red Rock is so great.

Our School Rules

Be safe! Be respectful! Be responsible!

Our Motto

Working together, we do better!


To incorporate all aspects of growth occurring within the district and to work collaboratively with the community to ensure all students are being educated.

  • Improving student achievement
  • Develop and implement professional development programs 
  • Integrate technological advancements

We Believe

  • Ethics:
    All students, parents, and staff are responsible for creating, demonstrating, and maintaining positive standards of conduct in order to achieve excellence. 
  • Values:
    Education requires cooperation, honesty, and respect among students, parents, staff, and community. 
  • Diversity:
    All students, parents, staff, and community will understand and appreciate their own heritage, as well as people of different cultural, social, and ethnic groups.
  • Safety:
    The school community will be a safe and caring environment. 
  • Discipline:
    Expectations and consequences for behaviors are clearly defined and implemented.