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Transportation Services

In order to provide safe, dependable, and efficient transportation for our students who live outside the Red Rock Village subdivision, Red Rock Elementary School District has one operating bus route, Missile Base route. Please review the route carefully to ensure the correct bus stop location for your child and the pickup/drop off times. It is important to be at least five minutes early to the bus stop. During the first week of school, pick up and drop off times may vary slightly as the route is established. Your patience is appreciated.

The safety of our students is our priority. A seating chart will be in place and strictly adhered to. We will not be issuing bus passes to non-bus riders. We want each student to feel safe from the moment they leave their home until they return home in the afternoon. We ask that you discuss with your child safety precautions and appropriate bus behavior to ensure their safety. It is important that your child board and depart the bus at the correct stop as known and approved by you and the office. A signed note from the parent/guardian is required for a student to get off at a different stop. You may also call the school office to inform us of any changes if your child is going home a different way. Parents should be at the bus stop five minutes prior to pick up/drop off times. Keep in mind that times may vary due to the train, weather, and traffic.

Working together we can keep your child safe from potential hazards associated with all aspects of transportation, both on and off the bus. We hope you and your child have a productive and safe year.