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So much is happening in our small district! One of our goals is to help keep you informed of all the changes and positive activities taking place at Red Rock Elementary. We’ll be updating this page frequently with the latest news and events, always keeping you “in the know.”

Arizona Tax Credit Donations

Arizona law (A.R.S. 43-1089.01) allows taxpayers to receive a tax credit of up to $200 for a single individual or a head of household and $400 for a married couple filing a joint return for donations that benefit students in our public schools. Every dollar you donate goes directly to our school. That is not just a deduction, it is a tax credit. It reduces what you owe in state taxes, dollar-for-dollar.

Send in your donation with the tax donation form to Red Rock Elementary School District and earmark it for support of one of our qualifying extracurricular activities. We will send you a receipt for your records. You can donate through April 15 each year and claim your donation on the previous or current tax year. Please see our Arizona tax credit donations flyer and visit our Arizona Tax Credit page for more information. Thank you in advance for supporting our school!

Meet Darrien

DarrienOne of Red Rock Elementary School’s staff members has a whole lot of fur. He also has four legs and a tail. He likes to wag that tail. A lot. These things aren’t necessarily bad, especially when you are a dog! Meet Darrien, a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix, who is one of the most popular members of the Red Rock Elementary School staff located in Red Rock, Arizona.

Darrien just celebrated his third birthday in October. According to Darrien’s handler, Reading Specialist Paula Bloker, he is well-mannered, super-friendly, and extremely popular with both students and staff. Darrien trained at Wind Dance Farms in Colorado. His primary role is that of a facility dog. He works in the literacy lab/classroom with Ms. Bloker. Darrien is the perfect sounding board for students who want to improve their reading skills. He loves listening to students read. He is also there for students who just need a little bit of friendly companionship. Darrien loves everyone!

Therapy dogs are not the same as service dogs. Service dogs assist individuals with disabilities. Therapy dogs provide social and emotional support for students. According to an article written by Christine Grove and Linda Henderson, the benefits of a therapy dog not only include assisting students with social and emotional learning but also by expanding literacy development. In addition, having a therapy dog on campus increases school attendance, improves motivation, and increases confidence and trust. Now that’s something to wag your tail about!

If you don’t believe the professionals, just ask the students. Ms. Bloker has heard it all. “I wish I could take him home with me.” “Can I have a picture of him?” “I like him better than my brother!” Good boy, Darrien! We hope you “stay” for a very long time. Woof!

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