Red Rock Elementary


Pearson Math

In an effort to meet the Common Core State Standards initiative we chose Pearson Math as our curriculum for kindergarten through eighth grade. It is our responsibility to ensure that teachers can capably teach to these higher standards using instructional materials correlated to the Common Core Standards. Teachers need to consistently assess students’ progress. The Pearson Math program helps teachers improve student achievement by integrating student involved classroom assessment into day-to-day instruction. This math program emphasizes student involvement in the assessment process, making clear the role of effective feedback in formative assessments, and allows teachers to prepare students to self-assess, set goals, and communicate about their own learning.

Social Studies

This comprehensive Harcourt program explores people, places, and events that have impacted history. This program combines rich content with colorful graphics, and interactive text that highlight core concepts to provide a better understanding for students. Each unit is structured with powerful reading support tools to help reinforce main ideas and organize information.


Harcourt Trophies Reading program is a research-based developmental reading program for Kindergarten Readiness through sixth grade. The foundation is its fundamental alignment to systematic and explicit instruction of the five critical elements of reading—phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and text comprehension. Skills are introduced, re-taught, reviewed, and tested to provide teachers with clear, comprehension instruction. Trophies reflects current, confirmed research and prioritizes and sequences essential skills and strategies into a clear, organized model for instruction.

The literature is organized to progress in difficulty. Students are exposed to a variety of genres and styles to develop literacy thoroughly and to create fluent, lifelong readers. Integrated language arts lessons help students develop and practice standards-based writing forms and focus on grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling generalizations. Intervention and English Language Learner Resource Kits re-teach the same vocabulary and skills as the main selection, helping all students to access on-level tested skills.


Our Harcourt Science Program provides our students with the opportunity to investigate the natural world, actively learn about interesting, relevant, and exciting science ideas and link science to mathematics, writing and technology.

Harcourt Science asks our students to observe, compare, classify, order, communicate, plan and conduct simple investigations, measure, predict, infer, draw conclusions, use time and space relationships, hypothesize, formulate and use models, identify and control variables, and experiment!

Formative Assessments Through Data Analysis/Data Driven Instruction

Assessments are measurements of what students know and are able to do. They are a central component of our teaching at Red Rock Elementary.

We use two forms of assessments:

  • Summative (AzM2) -  which is an annual snapshot of what our students know. 
  • Formative - these are structured assessments that are standardized within our curriculum.

The formatives are less formal, given frequently, and are designed to help teachers assess student understanding at the classroom/individual level. We use the data from the formatives to drive the instruction.

Pinal County AZ Standards Curriculum Companion Tool

This tool is designed by national content experts and educators and provides the scope and sequence to teach all core standards. This online comprehensive tool provides easy navigation through teaching modules and provides customization for local resources. Nearly all districts in Pinal County will be using this tool so we will be able to network with other districts.