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 HMH Into Reading & HMH Into Literature

Grades K–5 classes use HMH Into Reading, and our grades 6–8 classes use HMH Into Literature. Both programs are based on research in essential elements of literacy. Through a wide variety of assessment data, teachers will have the information needed to differentiate reading instruction and monitor progress. HMH provides high-quality and engaging instructional materials that have an impact on learning. 

Savvas Envision Math Program

High-quality mathematics instruction ensures that students become problem solvers. We believe all students can develop deep conceptual understanding and procedural fluency in mathematics. In doing so, we help our students grapple with real problems, think mathematically, and create solutions.

Assessment NWEA MAP Growth

We assess students three times a year to analyze detailed data reports and implement instruction for all types of learners. We are able to create intervention groups for individual student needs and readiness to learn each skill/standard tested.


We assess students three times a year for word recognition skills, early dyslexia detection, and comprehension. Our assessments take place in the beginning of the year, at the end of 2nd quarter, and at the end of 4th quarter.

Formative Assessments Through Data Analysis/Data-Driven Instruction

Assessments are measurements of what students know and can do. They are a central component of our teaching at Red Rock Elementary.

We use two forms of assessments:

  • Summative (AASA): AASA is the statewide achievement test for Arizona students in grades 3–8. All Arizona public school students in grades 3–8 will take the grade level AASA assessments in English language arts and mathematics.
  • Formative: Structured assessments that are standardized within our curriculum.

The formatives are less formal, given frequently, and designed to help teachers assess student understanding at the classroom/individual level. We use the data from the formatives to drive the instruction.