Red Rock Elementary

Food Services

Fruit and grains

Proper nutrition is the foundation for a child’s success in school. Studies have shown that when kids are hungry, their minds are unable to focus on learning. That’s why our school provides healthful, well-balanced lunches for our students. We know how important it is to eat well.

You may purchase lunches daily, a full week at a time, or monthly. Please send a check or cash in with your child, made payable to Red Rock School.

  • Child reduced lunch: .40 cents
  • Child full price lunch: $2.45
  • Adult full price lunch: $3.25
  • Extra milk: .35 cents

We know that students occasionally forget to bring money for lunch. Please be aware that we allow your child to charge up to three lunches. After that, we will issue your child a peanut butter sandwich and milk if he/or she forgets his/her lunch.

We also have a convenient online payment option. Please visit MySchoolBucks. You will need your student's ID number. Please call the school for this number. You can set up payments and view meal purchases. There is a convenience fee for online payments. Please see the site for details.

If you would like to apply for reduced lunch, you’ll find the form you need in the sidebar. Bring in a completed form to the office, and we’ll take it from there. If you have any questions about our lunch menu or our food service program, please contact us at (520) 682-3331.

School Breakfast Program Quick Facts

  • The School Breakfast Program offers students healthy and nutritious meals at school that follow strict nutrition requirements.
  • School Breakfast Program meals must meet the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and must provide at least ¼ of a child’s daily requirement for calories, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin(s) A and C.
  • Generally, a school breakfast will contain milk, fruit or 100% fruit juice, and a main dish or item that includes grains and/or a protein source.
  • Children who eat breakfast show an increased ability to learn, better academic performance, and may have a decreased risk of being overweight.
  • Parents and children do not have to be a U.S. citizen to participate in school breakfast programs.
  • Some schools offer breakfast free to all students (Universal Free Breakfast), regardless of their ability to pay. This method of offering free breakfast to all students, regardless of household income, has benefits such as reduced absenteeism and tardiness, fewer behavior problems, and increases in test scores.

We are very excited about offering breakfast to our students and are sure this will have a positive influence in their day-to-day activities and performance. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (520) 682-2604.